Introducing UltraCell™

UltraCell is available only from Zilis, and it is the delivery system that brings you more than 400 naturally occurring entourage compounds in full spectrum hemp oil, optimized for bioavailability and absorption. With UltraCell, you benefit from superior technology, and you get the most from each and every drop of hemp oil.

Reduces Pain
Up to 94% Absorbtion

Reduces Stress

Bioavailable for 12 Hours

Reduces Frustration

all natural and great for your health


Imagine feeling better, having more energy, experiencing better mental focus and improved sleep; gaining support for joints and much more in just one week.


Hemp CBD Oil

UltraCell™ is a blend of full spectrum hemp oil and other essential nutrients. UltraCell™ contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. UltraCell™ is processed with our proprietary technology to maximize bioavailability.

Hemp CBD Topical (Cream)

UltraCell™ Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical combines our trademarked, full spectrum CBD hemp oil with a proprietary blend of essential oils to help soothe and relax away aches and pains. Organic aloe gives our Topical a luxurious feel and leaves your skin feeling silky.


UltraCell™ Oil

Give your body what it is craving!

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 mL
Servings Per Bottle 30
Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil ⬇️
Amount Per Serving 16.67 mg
Amount Per Bottle 500 mg

UltraCell™ Topical

Give your body what it is craving!

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Black Pepper Oil
Citronella Oil
Helichrysum Flower Oil
Ginger Root Oil
The Boosters

Could UltraCell be your solution, as it is for so many Americans? Explore what the UltraCell Boosters can do for you.

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The Science
Your body already uses endocannabinoids. If they are low, UltraCell can naturally replace what your endocannabinoid system is lacking. read more
The History
Humans have been using hemp for over 10,000 years in various ways from clothing and paper to food and supplements. read more

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